Artist Statement


My main subject matter involves cultural nuance, political issues and social incidents, which are employed to establish discourse on the relationship between simple human emotions – love, happiness, agony – through the language of abstraction. Investigating human values in present time, I take ordinary mundane objects, scenes, symbols & characters, and introduce them as symbols of something much deeper.

The multidisciplinary nature of my work is inspired by fugacious exploration of human existence with unrestricted palette. Using representational elements in union with repetitious forms, I emphasize the pleasures of eternal entanglements. I take from the world around me – whether it be semiotics or journalistic materials like newspaper, magazine photos or television news. It could be something as banal as driving signs, fashionable textile patterns, or any significant infographic I find on my mobile app. The complex union of incoherent images, vivid colors and layered application designed with both digital tools and paint brush, invite us to communicate with the visual evidence gathered.