Video Work

Few Important video work by Sayak Mitra.

– Is it a good time? Some blurry moving images in the United States during pandemic.
Los Angeles 2020

– Body Space & Elements | Chapter 2 | Santiniketan
‘Jyotishka Festival 2017’ initiated by Pi (Performers Independent Kolkata) and Lavrenty Repin at Santiniketan, India. A performance and video art collaboration project of Taufik Riaz and Sayak Mitra. 2017

– Body Space & Elements | Chapter 1 | Kolkata
A performance and Sayak’s video art collaboration project of Performers Independent (Pi) Kolkata. Studio21 Gallery, Kolkata. June 2017

– Dreamcatcher | Kolkata
Sayak’s video art and Anushree Tapadar’s performance collaboration at Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata. August 2016
Music by Koustav Dey and Vocal by Suchal Chakraborty. Project was a part of the show Transformation II by Chalchitra Academy Kolkata.

– Witness | Part II | Kolkata

– Witness | Kolkata
Screening: Witness. Birla academy of art and Culture, Kolkata, February 2016. Video art screening was participation of Ocular Kolkata’s group show.